Week 57: A Breakup, Spirit Teaching, and New Beginnings

This week, one of our investigators dropped us. It was really hard. I had been worrying about how to help her understand who Jesus Christ is and why He is important for us to get home with God. We’d been teaching her twice a week since the beginning of the transfer to try and help her and finally she said it’s like having someone really interested in you and giving you flowers and showing you all sorts of affection and yet you feeling nothing for them. She has no interest in learning more about Him because, as she put it, she’s so enamored with God that why would she have any interest in knowing this Christ. She feels nothing for Him. That broke me to pieces because I know how much she loves God but she’ll never live with Him unless she accepts Christ; and we told her that (with love, of course). She basically said that’s our mode of thinking and gave back all the material we had left for her to read. It was hard.

This week we got into the home of a super inactive family. We boldly and lovingly taught them about how going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures helps keep us spiritually alive and healthy. The Spirit was definitely there, but we were also very bold, and the family loves us to death. I took that as a good sign. I was really nervous to teach this family because they were ones that got offended for one reason or another and left. They had even been through the temple and had stake and high counsel callings in the past. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but they said that seeing us and listening to us talk brought back all their good memories from church. Yay for Spirit teaching!

We’ve had an interesting time trying to teach Yesenia, our 9-year-old investigator lately. We finally got appointments back in to see her and her family, but the lessons were kinda weird. Her mother’s sister has been staying with them for a while and she is schizophrenic psychosis and apparently started having a psychotic breakdown. When we arrived for the first lesson, the police were there and Yessie’s mom, Janette, was trying to get the police to take her, but she didn’t meet the requirements, so they just left and her sister went for a drive muttering weird things under her breath. This last lesson was a lot worse because when we got there Janette had to herd her sister into a back room and she was yelling all sorts of things in English and Spanish and talking to dead people. Janette says she doesn’t like being at home because her sister is inviting an evil spirit into her home and she’s really worried for the safety of her kids. Apparently, she’s yelling in the middle of the night and saying very adult, explicit things to the kids and it’s just not a good environment. But we got a text from Janette this weekend saying that she finally got her sister’s boyfriend to step in to get her some treatment. Janette is going to get a member of the ward to bless the house, so things should start getting better from there! Overall, Yessie is so excited to get baptized and her brother, Luis, is preparing to get the Priesthood, and they both are reading the Book of Mormon alone and with their mom!

Hermana Oliphant

New Mexico Albuquerque Mission
4400 Presidential Dr. NE Ste. E
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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