Week 49: The Space Shuttle and Baby Steps

This week, we got a new car! We went from a 2013 Chevy Cruze to a 2017 Chevy Malibu space shuttle. We drove all the way to Las Cruces to swap cars with Elder Wilson, the vehicle coordinator. That car is so updated and so new that Elder Wilson had to give me training on all the safety features. He said that if we get in an accident, it is totally and completely my fault because the car will do everything possible to keep me out of an accident. It has all these weirdie sensors that start beeping if I get too close to things while I’m driving or parking, if I don’t put my blinker on when I’m changing lanes, the car will fight me back into my lane, and apparently, if I get to close to a car in front of me, the windshield will light up red. I haven’t seen that yet, but that’s what Elder Wilson said would happen. The engine also turns off at stop lights and things like that to save energy. It’s super crazy. We name it Apollo after the Apollo missions, but we call it Apoyo because that is how you say Apollo in Spanish. Pollo is also chicken šŸ™‚
As far as investigators go, they are doing good, I think. We had a stressful lesson with our 9 year old about “honor thy father and thy mother” and it ended in tears. Not because we made her cry, but because she didn’t want to listen to her mom and tried to lock herself in the bathroom…yeah. We were really worried about her staying on date for baptism because she’s gotta be keeping commitments like that to get baptized, but when we went back to set another appointment, Yesenia said, “Mom, tell them how I’ve been acting with you all week” and her mom told us she has been so nice and helpful and even cleaned her room. Talk about blessings!!!!!!! In the next lesson we talked about how we aren’t going to be perfect at obeying our parents all the time and they aren’t going to be perfect at saying sorry when they yell at us, and that is why we have repentance! She seemed to understand it pretty well, and for homework we told her to keep being nice to and obeying her Mom and we’ll give her a sticker šŸ™‚
I absolutely love being a missionary. It is such a blessing to take the time to focus on people outside of myself. I love seeing investigators progress, especially when you worry that you aren’t a perfect teacher. I know that the Lord helps us in our weaknesses and makes up the difference when we give the work all we have šŸ™‚

Hermana Oliphant

New Mexico Albuquerque Mission
4400 Presidential Dr. NE Ste. E
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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