Week 41: the Pinkwashing Misionera–Episode 2

I have had an interesting week. Wowzers.

It began Wednesday night of last week, when, at 10 pm at night after we were all tucked into bed, Hermana Page got a training call from President Guffey. Proud momma moment! Mi hija is training!!! Gaaah!
And then the anxiety set in. For 3 whole days, our companionship was on pins and needles waiting to see who was getting kicked out of Miranda South. I don’t think I’ve had a rougher three days because we were both pretty sure I was the one getting transferred, but every other time I thought I knew what was going on with transfers, I was completely wrong. The Saturday night transfer call couldn’t come fast enough.
But it came! And I received another pinkwashing assignment! I got transferred back to the Chamizal, El Paso stake to open up Trans Mountain North! Whoohoo!
And now, the next eposide of pinkwashing begins…
We’ve had a set of adventures here over the past 24 hours. So, we got lost on the way to our apartment and drove through the Mount Franklin state park a bajillion times and almost all the way down to Fort Bliss trying to find the exit to get off for our apartment and busted through a lot of our miles. While we were on the way (trying to call someone for directions), we discovered that our phone number wasn’t accepting or making phone calls, so we are out a phone.
We FINALLY got home and discovered (thankfully) that we live really close to the senior missionary couple, so we’ve been using their phone to confirm appointments and contact key members. Unfortunately, no one can call us back.
But, on the upside, we also found out we have a baptism in our area on Saturday, so we get to organize a baptism. I have never done that before, so that’ll be fun. Also, I can hardly believe it, but I got an email from Hermana Page saying that one of our investigators in Miranda South passed her baptism interview this week AND IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON MARCH 4!!! I couldn’t be happier! I am super excited to go and see her get baptized!
Well, folks, it’s only onward and upward from here!

Hermana Oliphant

New Mexico Albuquerque Mission
4400 Presidential Dr. NE Ste. E
Albuquerque, NM 87109

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